10 doubtful but hilarious LifeHacks!

by Sick Nick

Aug 17, 2018

10 doubtful but hilarious LifeHacks!


What is a life hack? This is the way you try to solve some kind of a problem when you don`t have `normal` materials and may be experience to fix it in a right way. For example – when you electric toothbrush broken. What will you do? Try to fix it with some video guide from Youtube or bring it to the service. But this ways is not way of a life hacker. Not his Busido, if you know what we mean. So the next, fair enough question is – what would a real life hacker do? He will use something that he can use just right now, to make things work. Same tooth brush. You go to service, life hacker takes her girlfriend vibrator and combine it with regular brush. Here are examples of these life hacking))) Please yourself (we a re not talking about tooth brush, you pervert!)

When you don`t have a portable phone stereo, but you have something somebody can call ingenuity or gumption or wit. And two plastic battles and paper tube also. Not bad, what would you say?

I is for igenuity/padandquill.com

You need to travel by car. But not a CAR – just something that was made in the B.C or somewhere in Western Europe, in a word – vehicle without handsfree. What would you do in a case you are cool life hacker! Yeah, your own hands free. Have a nice converstion!

Have a nice converstion/geekologie.com

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