10 life hackings that will simplify your life

by Noa Cantu

Aug 8, 2018

10 life hackings that will simplify your life


What are the similarities between real life and a computer game? In a computer game, you can enter a secret code and bypass the rules that the developer has put into it, while gaining some advantages. Life also has its own "secret codes", or rather, domestic tricks. Which we will share with you.

Headphones in safety/macdigger.ru

Everyone knows the situation when the headphones or charger stops working because the cable broke off near the plug. It's a shame, because it happens at the most inopportune moment. However, the strength of this weak point on the cable can be significantly increased if you pass it through the spring from the ballpoint pen as shown in the photo.

Proven method/just-kids.ru

Sometimes we forget to cool the pre-bought drink and forced to drink it warm. However, there is a great way to cool glass containers in just a few minutes. Take a paper towel, soak it in water and wrap around the bottle. Then put it in the cold - and very quickly you will get a refreshing and cool lemonade, well, or whatever you prefer.

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