13 best reasons to watch 13RW. Some are unreal

by Hati Lua

Apr 12, 2018

13 best reasons to watch 13RW. Some are unreal


"13 Reasons Why" is one of the most sensational TV series of 2017. It came out on the screens not so long ago, but already won the audience's sympathy and was extended for the second season.

Why is it worth to be seeing?

1. Truthfulness

All that you see in this series really occurs in school. And in this case it doesn’t even matter where it is - in America, Russia or Ukraine. Everywhere teenagers face similar problems and feelings. If you’re currently in school, you’ll learn much of your daily life. For those who graduated from the walls of this educational institution, the series provide an excellent opportunity to remember everything.

2. Plot

The plot of this series is understandable and doesn’t raise questions from the very first series. The only desire is to see the next series as quickly as possible.

3. Dynamic

In the series there are only 13 episodes and each of them is dedicated to a separate character - the events of the past and the present are interwoven into an interesting narrative. The short duration of the whole series and each series separately allows you to watch it in one day.


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