13RW and why it's important for you

by Hati Lua

Apr 19, 2018

13RW and why it s important for you


Producer of the series Selena Gomez believes that Jay Asher's novel "13 Reasons Why" is exactly what young people need today.

"13 Reasons Why" is not just another great TV show. The story of Hannah Baker carries a deeper meaning than just the next soap opera for teenagers.

The main idea of the series is to show the influence of society on someone else's life, its stiffness and indifference to the problems of individual adolescents. Like the characters in the series, each of us is responsible for our actions.

So, what is the similarity with the characters and what lessons the series teaches us:

1. Don’t be a bastard!

Remember how Alex tore off posters against suicide in the school corridor? Then he said a very important thing:

- Why don’t they hang a poster where it says «don't be a bastard»?

And this is a very correct idea! Most of us are terrible egoists. And the series "13 Reasons Why" clearly shows that people in the first place are eager to satisfy their needs, revenge, remove the malice. It's easier to be a bastard than to show kindness and understanding.


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