13RW. Do we really need a second season? What's in store???

by Hati Lua

Apr 10, 2018

13RW. Do we really need a second season? What s in store???


The first season was released on Netflix on March 31, and immediately the audience became interested in the question: will there be a 2 season? Of course, the book, based on which the film was shot, ends with the finale of the first season, but many shows have outgrown their original source material. But are there any arguments in favor of putting an end to history? Let’s see:

1. Hannah's story is over.

We heard all the records, and they were always in the center of the show's attention. Hannah's last wish was fulfilled, and thanks to Clay Jensen, her story probably got more finished than she hoped to get. There’s no need to monitor her parents and don’t need to see how the trial is going - this is not a judicial drama. For her parents it was important to get answers, understand the decision of their daughter, and now that they have records, they got what they need.


2. Both obviously incomprehensible ends are too gloomy.

The show leaves us some unsolved mysteries, the largest of which are an obvious attempt Alex's suicide and Tyler's mysterious mission. If there is a season 2, then there will be two more characters walking along dark, horrible paths. These tracks can turn this show into a criminal thriller or detective that never made the show or its source material anything special.

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