13RW - don't suffer in silence

by Hati Lua

Apr 20, 2018

13RW - don t suffer in silence


The series "13 Reasons Why" touches on several acute social problems, among which the harassment between teenagers, relations with parents-tyrants and rape. Among the rest, this show highlights a very realistic look at important topics. We see a very kind and open girl, who faces a lot of problems, which ultimately leads her to the decision to commit suicide.

The aim of the series is to show, and ideally teach, that you need to be more attentive to people who surround you and take your actions more seriously. After all, we never know what role we can play in the life of another person.

Maybe it sounds a little hysterical, but we really affect the lives of those around us. Another thing is that the decisions we take are completely in the sphere of our responsibility. In the case of Hannah, suicide was her conscious decision. But, which is typical for teenagers, she wanted to teach a lesson to others by means of her death, to force them to answer for their actions.

There is some romanticization of suicide. And this is the most unpleasant moment in the series, because death can’t be beautiful or romantic. She only takes a person, bringing suffering to his loved ones. And that’s all - there’s nothing, there’s no man. Only a pain from his departure.


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