13RW is a life changing experience

by Hati Lua

Apr 9, 2018

13RW is a life changing experience


One day, Clay Jensen finds a strange parcel on the porch of his house. Inside there are several audio cassettes that will become fatal in the fate of the young man.

Thirteen people. Thirteen reasons. Thirteen stories told by Hannah Baker - a girl who is no longer alive.

"13 Reasons Why" is a touching, fascinating story about relationships, understanding and compassion that has changed the lives of adolescents around the world. About all this and not only in the film adaptation of Jay Asher's book "13 Reasons Why."


At first it may seem that this is another melodrama in the style of Skins. Well, again, teenage problems, you will think. Again, the producers want to show us the high school, the athletes and the cheerleaders, and this boring war between the coolest schoolchildren and outsiders. Yes, all of the above is true in the series. But this story is quite different.

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