13RW Rarely heard about facts (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

Apr 9, 2018

13RW Rarely heard about facts (VIDEO)


The series is based on the best-seller of American writer Jay Asher "13 reasons Why" by Netflix.

1. In the series there are characters that weren’t in the book. The authors of the series added details and plots to more fully reveal the story. Stephanie is just an extra character, she's the best friend of Courtney.

2. Initially, the project was conceived as a film with Selena Gomez in the title role.

3. Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Tifi began work on the project back in 2008.

4. The creators of the series conducted a global search for the actress for the role of Hannah. Tom McCarthy got in touch with Catherine Langford on Skype. After talking with the girl, he stated that he had finally found the "perfect Hannah."

13 RW/kinopoisk.ru

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