15 secrets of airlines that you didn’t know about

by Noa Cantu

Aug 9, 2018

15 secrets of airlines that you didn’t know about


At once we will make a reservation: we didn’t closed the airline employee and didn’t question him with the help of harsh military methods. The information we want to share with you today is not a secret. Nevertheless, many people don’t know about all this. So let's get started!


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If suddenly the plane on which you were going to fly, will be crowded, and the airline will offer you to refuse the ticket, don’t rush to agree to compensation. Do not worry, your money will not be lost, on the contrary - the company that deals with flights will again and again increase the size of the proposed compensation until there are enough people willing to give up their seats.


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If you are too squeamish, try to refrain from coffee, which is often offered on the plane. Why? The fact is that water for its preparation, as a rule, is taken from a tank, and water taps for cleaning all airborne plumbing and for refueling these tanks are very close to each other, and, as a rule, are serviced by the same employee. We think you understand what we are talking about.

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