3-meter alligator walks the streets of Florida

by Zhang Hao

Apr 21, 2018

3-meter alligator walks the streets of Florida

In the everyday life of Florida police inspectors sometimes happen the very extreme situations and does not help even their professional experience. For example, sometimes they do not have to deal with criminals but with the ancient reptiles which are often the cause of high-profile accidents in the state.

3-meters alligator walks the streets of Florida 2

Alligator with length of 3.3 meters and weighing 205 kilograms was calmly strolled through the streets of Florida, on a bicycle road, which often is used by adults and children. "This is probably the biggest alligator, who met us on the roads of Davie for 19 years of my work in the road patrol service," - said police officer Anthony Berardo.

Ariel Gonzalez who first saw the reptile, has called 911. "I was shocked and turned around at 180 because couldn't believe this" he said. He added that he has called 911 because he was taking care about safety of people walking this road.

3-meters alligator walks the streets of Florida 3

Last loud accident associated with this reptile occurred in June of this year, also in Florida. Reptile has dragged under the water a two year-old boy at Disneyland. The tragedy occurred on June 14 on Disney resort in Orlando.

The next day, rescuers found the body of a child. The boy's father tried to save him, but could not. As the Orange County Sheriff Jerry Dennings said the child died, choking on water. According to him, the child's body was found by divers at a depth of about two meters. At that time experts have found six alligators.

3-meters alligator walks the streets of Florida 4

The Walt Disney World are going to take additional measures to prevent further tragedies of this kind. As a precaution, the park decided to temporarily close all the beaches.

Alligators regularly can become a cause of emergency in Florida. Here their number is quite high, and more than 1 million individuals.