3 terrible deaths of extremals, which were shot on video

by Joshua Crane

Aug 8, 2018

3 terrible deaths of extremals, which were shot on video


Whoever said anything, extreme is still a game with death. And the life of an athlete can become a bet in this game.

Let us recall a few deaths of lovers of extreme sports.

Sailendra Nath Roy

His hair could withstand heavy loads/name-list.net

A multiple record holder of the Guinness Book, Sailendra Nath Roy was known for being able to move trains and other giant objects with the help of his long hair. The Indian also had a weakness for walking along the rope.

Sailendra Nath Roy decided to cross one of the rivers in West Bengal along a tightrope that was stretched from one shore to the other. It’s worth noting that the cable itself was suspended at an altitude of 160 meters (3,2 ft). His only insurance was his own hair, which Sailendra attached to a rope-driven mechanism. In the middle of the distance the mechanism jammed, after which the extremal decided to overcome the rest of the way, to hold hands by the rope, but because of the experiences he had a heart attack. The body of the brave man hovered over the abyss for about an hour, until rescuers took it off.

On the eve of doing this trick, the Indian promised his wife that this will be his last performance. He was right.

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