40 year old becomes MMA champion after 10 years in jail (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 18, 2018

40 year old becomes MMA champion after 10 years in jail (VIDEO)


Russian MMA fighter Marat Balaev - one of those athletes who justify their nickname for one hundred percent. In narrow circles, he is known as the "Motivator". Today we’ll tell you why he deserved this nickname.

Marat is Ossetian by nationality. This is one of the peoples inhabiting the Russian Caucasus. The future champion spent his childhood in a small village of Turkmenistan, where he lived with his parents and brothers. Since childhood, Marat was fond of wrestling, and by the age of 20 was already considered a very promising athlete. He won several championships and defeated the fighters, who in the future successfully performed at the Olympics.

Marat himself dreamed of getting into the Olympic team, but his plans were not destined to come true.

The habitual life ended when the Soviet Union collapsed. Troubled and dangerous times have come. The Caucasians in Turkmenistan began to be oppressed, and Balaev personally experienced this discrimination on his own: Caucasians were expelled from universities, evicted from their homes.


After the expulsion from the institute he was called into the ranks of the army. During the Soviet Union, Marat would have got into a sports company and continued to play sports. But now it became impossible. Sports in Turkmenistan fell apart, there was no money even to go to the competition.

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