5 best fighters unsigned to the UFC (VIDEO)

by Joshua Crane

Jul 9, 2018

5 best fighters unsigned to the UFC (VIDEO)


Professional career of many MMA fighters began in minor promotions. Fighter first manifested himself in the regional division, then the recruiters of the larger organizations have noticed him - and now the athlete's name on everyone's lips. All fighting organizations are always looking for exciting and spectacular fighters able to strengthen the structure. The biggest promotion, the UFC is no exception.

Today we’ll talk about the top five fighters that could appear in the Octagon as early as 2017.

Marlon Moraes

28 years old


23 fights, 18 wins

WSOF, Bantamweight

Marlon Moraes/vox-cdn.com

Marlon Moraes/vox-cdn.com

This 28-year-old Brazilian is currently the champion of WSOF lightest division. Separately, it is worth noting that in the framework of this organization, Marlon Moraes has no rival, that says a lot. More than 70% of his victorious fights this spectacular fighter completed ahead of time. Besides Moraes is one of the most expensive fighters outside the UFC.

Why would he need the UFC?

In his bantamweight division Marlon Moraes has won 13 consecutive victories (8 of them ahead of time), won the title and continues to hold a leading position in the top 10 in various rankings. In principle, he has already achieved everything he could, and reached the ceiling of this division. It's time to move on, and the athlete understands this. Moraes has repeatedly emphasized (as if saying good-bye), that he’s grateful WSOF for everything, but now he gives the organization as much more than the organization does. Maybe it's time for change?

What he can give to the UFC?

At the moment, the public interest in the lightest divisions UFC is plummeted. The absence of bright athletes, exciting matches and intense competition have made this. Therefore, to attract really bright and strong fighters could significantly to revive the difficult situation. Spectacular Marlon Moraes just could be that person.

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