5 horrific UFC judges decisions (VIDEO)

by Joshua Crane

Jul 12, 2018

5 horrific UFC judges decisions (VIDEO)


It's good to win by knockout! You hit, the opponent collapsed, the referee finished the fight.

Submission - also not bad: you turn the opponent's hand or suffocate him, the battle is stopped, and you triumphantly march on Octagon.

But often victories are awarded by a decision of the judges. And this way to identify the strongest always causes a lot of controversy, doubts and reproaches in bias.

The UFC remembers a lot of fights, in which the decision of the judges is still surprising.

Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson на UFC Fight Night 42

If you find the full video of this fight online, it becomes obvious: it was Pearson who was the leader throughout the whole meeting. He inflicted more much accurate strikes, plus only on his score are the takedowns and knockdowns. And his face, unlike the face of Diego Sanchez, was not covered in blood. In fact, Ross just beat Diego for 15 minutes.

However, a separate decision of the judge awarded the victory to Sanchez. ItХs difficult to explain this. But there's a version that the reason for this strange refereeing was the fact that the battle took place in the hometown of Diego - Albuquerque.

Michael Bisping vs Matt Hamill на UFC 75

Matt Hamill/ytimg.com

Michael Bisping, who is now preparing for a fight with Saint-Pierre, also has a controversial victory in his career.

Without a doubt, it was one of the brightest performances of Matt Hamill, because he not only interrupted Bisping standing up, but also spent a couple of takedowns in all three sets! Hamill kept a high pace, which was imposed on him by the opponent and looked more confident, but the judges, with a separate decision, awarded the victory to Michael Bisping. Hamill just calmly accepted defeat. But the winner was dissatisfied with the result and fiercely stated that there could be no question of any separate solution, everyone had to give him victory. However, Michael Bisping is a notable trashtalker, so many of his words are just a game for the audience.

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