5 most horrific nose injury in MMA (VIDEO)

by Joshua Crane

Jul 8, 2018

5 most horrific nose injury in MMA (VIDEO)


Mixed Martial Arts - a serious sport where injury is something ordinary and familiar. However, even here there are injuries that can cause pain even in the viewer's face.

Today we tell you about the most terrible nose injuries in MMA.

Maurício Rua


Maurício Rua will remember his meeting with Dan Henderson at UFC-139 for a long time. More precisely not the Roy but his nose. Already in the third round Henderson made so powerful attack that even hardy Maurício broke down and collapsed. As it turned out later, the entire force of the blow fell on the nose which, of course, could not stand such a large overload. The fight had to be stopped, and long-suffering Rua recieved a big dent, which can only be corrected by surgery.

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