Five of the most horrific weight cuts (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 17, 2018

Five of the most horrific weight cuts (VIDEO)


In order to keep within the limits of their weight category, MMA fighters sometimes go to extreme measures and throw off tens of kilograms. Of course, on the health of the body such a sharp change of weight is reflected extremely negatively, but for the sake of achieving the goal, the fighters are ready for anything.

Today we recall some of the most impressive cuttings in the MMA.

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson/

To understand what this athlete had to go through, it's enough to remember that now Johnson is successfully performing in the light heavyweight category. However, there was a time when he decided to try his hand at the welterweight division. And for this, Anthony had to lose 20 kg. At the weigh-in, it was difficult to recognize him-the usual round face of the sportsman became angular and dry at one point.

Johnson couldn't endure such mockery for himself for a long time, especially since he had failed some weigh-ins, despite all the efforts. In the end, the fighter decided that in his light heavyweight category is not so bad.

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