7 facts about Joanna Jedrzejczyk (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 29, 2018

7 facts about Joanna Jedrzejczyk (VIDEO)


Everyone who loves MMA knows Joanna Jedrzejczyk, because this Polish sportswoman is a five-time world champion and four-time European champion in Thai boxing among amateurs according to the IFMA version, as well as the current MMA champion in the women's minimum weight class. And now, when we have got acquainted with the personal data, we will pass to the interesting information.


Selfie from workout/twimg.com

Joanna Jedrzejczyk did not immediately come to mixed martial arts. The fact is that as a teenager, she experimented with fitness, because she was always unhappy with her figure. Most of all she liked the kickboxing, to which she gave almost 10 years of her life and even managed to professionally show herself in this kind of fight.


With the flag of native country/awakeningfighters.com

In 2012, Joanna Jedrzejczyk makes her debut in MMA, where, thanks to her professional skills, she literally in two years becomes the winner of an amazing record of 6-0. Such successes couldn’t but draw attention to the biggest promotion of the UFC, which became interested in the Polish athlete and offered her a contract.

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