7 facts about Michael Bisping

by Joshua Crane

Jul 12, 2018

7 facts about Michael Bisping


7 facts about Michael Bisping Secrets of one of the most brutal fighters

38-year-old British fighter Michael Bisping, nicknamed The Count, acts in the UFC. June 4, 2016 he won the belt of the champion of the UFC in the middleweight category, beating Luke Rockhold. In addition, Bisping - former champion of Cage Rage and winner of the tournament Ultimate Fighter 3 at light heavyweight.

In July, Bisping will fight with the legendary MMA legend Georges Saint-Pierre, who returned to Octagon.

Military base

Michael Bisping/vox-cdn.com

There is a version that the place of birth has an impact on the future character of a person. Michael Bisping is known for his straightforwardness and rigidity. Perhaps all this is due to the fact that the future champion was born on a military base in Cyprus. By the way, Michael's grandfather - Andrzej was a Polish nobleman and leader of the group "Bishop's Pings".

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