7 facts about Mirko Filipovic (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Aug 7, 2018

7 facts about Mirko Filipovic (VIDEO)


In the world of MMA Mirko Filipovic is known under the nickname CroCop. This Croatian athlete became a real idol for a whole generation, so we could not ignore him and decided to recall some interesting facts from his biography.

Wall Destroyer

Very young athlete/pinimg.com

Mirko Filipovic was carried away by martial arts as a child and spent all his free time in training, preferring kickboxing. However, at first he did not have training equipment, so the future MMA star worked out his punches at home. According to him, parents regularly had to close holes in the wall, which remained after the powerful strikes of Mirko.


So that's where this nickname comes from/pinimg.com

In the first half of the 1990s Mirko Filipovic already participated in amateur battles, however, for obvious reasons, he couldn’t afford to devote all his time to this: such a hobby didn’t bring income. The soldier joined the police of Croatia. Actually, therefore, in the world of MMA, this nickname was stuck to him - an abbreviation from "Croatian Cop".

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