7 people with shocking looks (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 28, 2018

7 people with shocking looks (VIDEO)


Every day dozens of people come to our field of vision, who differ in skin color, hair style, clothes and a lot of other details. However, it is unlikely that you’ll remember them in a few minutes after a chance encounter with your eyes. What can’t be said about our today's heroes, who are always in the spotlight because of their unusual look.

Melvin Boothe

Boothe and his rolled nails/blogspot.com

Record nails/poplyft.com

Absolutely every girl herself is simply obliged to envy Melvin Boothe. Why, you ask? Because his nails are indecently long!

The man lives in Michigan. In 2009, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records came to visit him in order to measure what Boothe is so proud of (we’re talking about nails). These measurements are striking - 985 centimeters (32 feet). However, to call these nails elegant and beautiful doesn’t work - rather, it's some worms from the horror film. Unfortunately, just a year after the name of the record holder was printed in a treasured book, Melvin Boothe died. He was only 60 years old.

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