All fights of Fedor Emelianenko. Fight One: fighters fight

by Alex Perk

Apr 26, 2018

All fights of Fedor Emelianenko. Fight One: fighters fight

Fight of beginners always fraught affair. The audience and experts are trying to consider the potential in the debut performance. Fighters and opponents do not know what to expect from each other.

The first official fight Fedor Emelianenko took place on May 21, 2000 in Ekaterinburg (Russia). The tournament was called Rings Russia: Russia vs. Bulgaria. Emelianenko had fought with the Bulgarian fighter Martin Lazarov, for whom it was also a first experience of performances in MMA. The battle took place in the heavyweight division (265 pounds).

Emelianenko 1st 01

23-year-old Emelianenko had extensive experience in judo and sambo (a martial art army, which arose in the USSR).

Emelianenko 1st 02

About 21-year-old Martin Lazarov was little known: he is the champion of Bulgaria in wrestling, a member of the team. The Internet is not even preserved for us his photo.

Sport training identified the battle: most of the time he went at the parter. The battle lasted 2 minutes 24 seconds and ended in victory for Emelianenko, who in the first round finished it with a strangulation "Guillotine".

Emelianenko 1st 03

Emelianenko 1st 04

After the meeting, the ways of athletes split. Fedor Emelianenko began the ascent to success and glory, but for Martin Lazarov failure to fight with Emelianenko virtually put an end to a career in MMA. A year later, the Bulgarian fighter tried to return to the ring on April 6, 2001, he fought against the Russian soldier Mikhail Ilyukhin, lasted exactly 10 minutes and again lost. The story of Lazarov in MMA over.

At July 15, 2010 Mercedes-Benz of Martin Lazarov at high speed crashed into the guard rail road not far from Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria). Doctors could not save him.