All fights of McGregor: The first fight of the legendary champion

by Alex Perk

May 17, 2018

All fights of McGregor: The first fight of the legendary champion

This battle can hardly be called a gem of MMA, but that's what started the brilliant career of McGregor.

Conor McGregor - definitely one of the best and most famous men of the planet, but like any star, began his career with the small. Since 16 years he started to train and hit into the SBG team, where he was taught by Tom Egan.


McGregor began performing at lightweight and the first fight held in his homeland in Ireland (Dublin), against his own compatriot Gary Morris at 8 March 2008 on a little-known event Cage of Truth 2.

Gary Morris - Irish MMA fighter in the lightweight champion. For him, it was also the first fight  in a tournament like this. Despite the fact that he was involved in a very large number of fights (and he participates in the fighting so far), it is known very few about him. Unknown even his exact height. Weight as it is 70 kg. He had a black belt in judo.


Fight two newcomers proceeded rather sluggish and dull. The first time there was a fight in the front, like boxing. Occasionally used kicks. After fifteen minutes the confrontation moved to the ground, but it lasted just 15-20 seconds - and fight back in the rack. Opponents rarely attacked. By the end of the first round, the fight intensified and rivals began to spend much bolder attacks. In the final meeting McGregor threw an opponent and was able to pay him a final blow in the pit. TKO!