Angela "Your Majesty" Magana sues Cyborg for punch (VIDEO)

by dcTim

Apr 10, 2018

Angela  Your Majesty  Magana sues Cyborg for punch (VIDEO)


Angela Magana intends to sue Cris Cyborg in court. The story began recently, when between the girls first began a verbal skirmish, and then at some point Cris Cyborg struck the offender in the face with her fist. The blow occurred after Angela showed Chris the middle finger.

The blow was strong, and Magana had to go to the hospital for an examination. No serious injuries were found.

Angela Magana/

"Of course, I’ll sue her. I have bills I received at the hospital after an injury from her stroke. And I'm not going to pay for them. We’ll see each other in court, where the prosecutor will bring charges against her. This is a criminal for which she will have to answer. You screwed up very seriously! You’ll pay for this!"

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