Anna Kendrick will be a superhero Squirrel Girl

by Steve Mcmillan

Apr 22, 2018

Anna Kendrick will be a superhero Squirrel Girl

Marvel and Disney’s ABC Studios are ready to production of the comedy superhero TV series "New Warriors".

It will be half-hour sitcom series. The main character has to be a Squirrel Girl, the owner of the most fun set of capabilities in the Marvel universe: retractable blades and the ability to communicate with ordinary squirrels. She will head a team of superheroes-teens, which in comics were Firestar, Nova, Marvel Boy several others, and a number of other heroes of the universe.

The famous comedienne Anna Kendrick is claiming for the head role. The actress added that has no idea what a superhero can do besides the fact that he is half squirrel. "I can be half-squirrel!" – said Kendrick. Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer, nominee for "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actress in the movie "Up in the Air".