Army's strange trainings vs martial arts bizarre exercises (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 11, 2018

Army s strange trainings vs martial arts bizarre exercises (VIDEO)


Today we offer you to say who is the coolest or probably who is the sickest or who the real Terminator. Let`s what we have. On one side there is a toughest army trainings with real cruel and shocking techniques. The other side is some kind of Asian martial art training, may be in some Shao Lin style.

And that`s bizarre! Follow down the article to see great pics and video of these strange acts. May you will be able to say – who is the coolest! Let`s go

Here we`ve got an brutal action from Taiwan. It`s call "Road To Heaven". The point is , before becoming a real marine officer, a Taiwanese cadet have to crawl about 50 meters through the sharp-as-knife rocks and corals under the watchful gaze of their comrades. How's your manicure?:D

Taiwan Road to Heaven/

The next one is we believe for Conor Mcgregor of for any MMA training person. This one from Iraq. Exercises, that invented by military instructors, not particularly intricate, but rarther cruel one. They all get vicious strikes by the butt in the solar plexus, while doing gyamnastic exercise we known as Bridge. Someone has something for stomach pain?

Iraq entertainment/

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