August became the most deadliest month for the Chicago citizens

by Markus Diedrich

Apr 22, 2018

August became the most deadliest month for the Chicago citizens

Chicago is a one of the most populous cities in USA and now experiencing the period which is overloaded with the criminal events. Only throughout the august of this year there was a 81 murder – is a highest index for last 20 years reported by the Chicago Police Department.

Altogether in 2016, 760 murders are happened in Chicago. This wave of violence is first since late 1990s when 600 murders were registered in the city per year. Also this year were recorded 2300 non-lethal wounds in shootouts, 48% more than in 2015.

Last victim of violence was 16 years old Ilia Sims which was shooted late night at West Side. He was shooted in head.

Chicago has a most low crime level than in a lot of another american cities, which is less by the population. But this year city has more murders and violence victims than in other big centers like New York and Los Angeles although the population in them are greater.

New quiz which was conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs revealed the figure of population’s anxiety: american citizens are doesn't feel themselves safe. They're not sure that threatening situation will change for the better in the near future.

Chicago Council found that the percentage of Americans dissatisfied with the domestic situation has grown by about 20% compared with the data of end of 2014.