Aural pleasure. YouTube's got a secret which you'll love (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Sep 28, 2018

Aural pleasure. YouTube s got a secret which you ll love (VIDEO)


Who would have thought that a female whisper could cause an erection? And it’s not necessary to whisper all sorts of "dirty" things. Women, by the way, also watch and listen to porn to fall asleep. And we’ll tell you and show what it is.

The most ordinary sounds seem intimate/

ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response. Wikipedia gives the following definition: the neologism, which denotes the phenomenon of perception, characterized by a pleasant sensation of tingling in the back of the head, spreading like a goosebump on the skin of the neck and back to the extremities. ASMR sensations are caused by sound, visual, tactile, or cognitive stimuli. This term came up with Jennifer Allen, she founded a group on Facebook, where gathered the people who enjoy the sounds.

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