Author of "Game of Thrones" created the magical home

by Zhang Hao

Apr 22, 2018

Author of  Game of Thrones  created the magical home

Author of novels the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” George Martin a year ago, bought a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, restored it and granted it on lease for the art-group Meow Wolf. And already they have turned it into a magical home of the eternal return.

The house turned into an unusual "magical space", where the laws of geometry and physics are get broken. Externally he became the beautiful art-object you can just admire and get aesthetic pleasure. Inside is a passage in a magical fairy-tale world. It is filled with unusual decorative objects, optical illusions and surprises. You can rate what the guys made by looking a tour with photos and video.

Inside the house there is a special place where you can get into a parallel world through a refrigerator.

Floor in the toilet looks like there was an earthquake.

Inside you can feel the spirit of legends and some secrets. Throughout the house are scattered scraps about the conspiracy and other dimensions. The family living in house is suspiciously absent.

In the parallel world you can be inside luminous caves.

There is a 70 spaces in the house and each is fascinating in its own way. Tiny farm powered by the giant hamsters.

Meow Wolf was created in 2008 and since then successfully work on organization of original culture events, non-typical installations, alternative musical concerts and other events in art and entertainment sphere.