Best movie fights ever (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Jul 22, 2018

Best movie fights ever (VIDEO)


Martial art in the cinema is almost always a choreographic production. Cinematographers use different techniques to make the fight look impressive: ballet pas, slow-motion shooting, repetitions. But it is thanks to these beautiful duels that many films have come to our liking.

We present a selection of bright movie-fights - watch and enjoy. Or so: look and learn.

Kickboxer, 1989


Let's start with a nostalgic video. Admit it, in your childhood you watched this movie 20 times?

According to the plot, the main character Kurt Sloan should take revenge on Tong Poe - first for his brother, then for the coach and the girl. The problem is not simple: Kurt has a lower level in the box, and Tong uses a concrete wall instead of a boxing pear.

From this cult film we want to recall two legendary fragments: the Jean-Claude Van Damme dance in the bar and the final fight with the main villain Tong Po (performed by boxer Michel Qissi).

Many of the scenes in the films of those years are full of naivete and finesse. But we still love them!

That's how young Van Damme dances and fights a little.

Michel Qissi, who played villain Tong Po, previously starred with his friend Van Damme and in the cult film "Bloodsport". Despite the fact that the actors began their career in Hollywood together, Jean became much more popular than Qissi. Legendary Belgian twines - in all its glory.

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