Biscuit with wasps anyone? And other delicacies...

by Noa Cantu

Aug 26, 2018

Biscuit with wasps anyone? And other delicacies...


When you find yourself in some more or less good restaurant, you certainly want to surprise yourself (and your stomach) with some unusual dish that you haven't tried before. However, if you see something on the menu from what we're going to tell you today, then think twice - would you really like to eat it?

Tuna's eyes

Tuna's eyes/

This delicacy you will certainly be treated in one of the cafes in Japan, where the tuna's eyes are simply very popular. Maybe local residents like their rubber shell and soft stuffing, but, frankly, we wouldn't advise these dishes to a wide range of consumers. By the way, they are lightly fried, so don't think that these dishes will be served raw.

Fried Spiders

Fried Spiders/

This dish, of course, looks (and sounds) very horrible, but it's worth remembering that in Asia, people eat everything that runs, crawls and flies, so fried spiders here don't surprise anyone. With this delicacy you'll be gladly treated at almost any Cambodia cafe, and a trader with a tray patrols the most popular tourist routes all the time. Suddenly, who wants to have a snack!

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