Bradford stadium fire tragedy (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 19, 2018

Bradford stadium fire tragedy (VIDEO)


Today we offer you to watch a horrible scenes from a Bradford tragedy, which took place at the The Valley Parade stadium, May 11 1985. The cause of death of 56 soccer supporters was a terrible fire. It started while game between Bradford City Football Club and Lincoln City. The match had started in a celebratory atmosphere. At 3.40 pm, a small fire was reported by TV commentator John Helm, but in less than four minutes, in windy conditions, it had engulfed the whole stand, trapping some people in their seats.

Fire rages on/

The blaze began to spread; the roof and wooden stands were soon on fire. One eyewitness, Geoffrey Mitchell, told the BBC: "It spread like a flash. I've never seen anything like it. The smoke was choking. You could hardly breathe."

There were no extinguishers in the stand's passageway for fear of vandalism, and one spectator ran to the clubhouse to find one, but was overcome by smoke and others trying to escape. Supporters either ran upwards to the back of the stand or downwards to the pitch to escape. Most of the exits at the back were locked or shut, so people were standing in the field, feeling the heat and watching as the fire rages on.

The heat was terrible/

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