Brian Yorkey, creator of 13RW, talks 2nd season

by Hati Lua

Apr 18, 2018

Brian Yorkey, creator of 13RW, talks 2nd season


Initially, the show Brian Yorkie - laureate of the Pulitzer Prize and the author of the first season of "13 Reasons Why" script was to be a full-length picture with Selena Gomez in the title role. However, the latter decided that in this case history would draw attention to itself not by the seriousness of the plot, but by her presence in it. And she became the producer of the series. All have benefited from this:

The audience could enjoy the 13-hour series;

The actors received another qualitative turn in their careers.

The plot of the series is focused on schoolgirl Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), the relationship of the heroine with her peers and the search for the reasons for her suicide. The cassettes recorded by the girl before the suicide, and the map, left by her, allow to begin the investigation of the tragedy in which the young man in love with Hannah, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is involved.

Brian Yorkie in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on the series:

- Tell us about your approach to adapting books for TV.

- I wanted to remain as faithful to the spirit of the book as possible, and, nevertheless, I believe that the recipe for success of any adaptation is a rethinking and creative approach. We spent much more time in the love stories of Clay and Hannah. Among other things, in the book I like that at first it is not clear whether you should trust Clay as a storyteller. He begins the narrative with the words "I knew Hannah," but in the end, viewers understand that he did not just know, but truly loved her. We also talked in more detail about the fate of each of the guys who received the posthumous message from Baker, and about their acceptance of responsibility for their role in the incident.

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