British plumber invented the "Death Star"

by Markus Diedrich

Apr 22, 2018

British plumber invented the  Death Star

Colin Furze is a british stuntman, plumber and inventor who made copy of "Death Star" from the 5000 fireworks.

"Death Star" is a military space station from Star Wars universe equipped with destructive weapon. Its enegetic power can blow up the planet.

Unusual art facility was installed in a badland and detonated fireworks at nightfall. Show was recorded by many cameras, replicated in web and became popular soon.

16 years old Colin left school and became a plumber. He was working at this sphere before start of Gadget Geeks on Sky 1. Colin long been famous as the inventor-amateur to its 37 years, has created a lot of clever things, such as the wall of death, the longest motorcycle in the world, the turbojet-powered pram and bike with the pulsating jet.