Charlie Bronson: genius of self PR, nuts or actor? (VIDEO)

by Kate Miller

Aug 5, 2018

Charlie Bronson: genius of self PR, nuts or actor? (VIDEO)


People shoot films about him, his paintings are exhibited in art galleries, his books are sold in all bookstores, his engagement is covered by the press. Prisoner Charlie Bronson - who he’s and how he managed to achieve popularity while being behind bars?

The First steps to doubtful glory

Michael Gordon-Peterson was born in a prosperous family and was the only son of Airy and Joe Peterson. Michael studied well, had many friends and loving parents - the usual life of a guy from a small town in Wales.

Everything has changed since the Petersen move to Cheshire. Here the young man got in touch with a bad company and started skipping school. After graduation, he began to participate in clandestine fistfights. Charlie Bronson was opened by promoter Paul Edmonds - he advised the guy to change the name to a cooler one. By the way, search engines often confuse the criminal and the famous actor - they have the same names and surnames.

Charlie claims that he killed a Rottweiler with his bare hands for £ 10,000 when he was involved in clandestine fights.

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