Come in if you can

by Steve Mcmillan

Apr 26, 2018

Come in if you can


These are private clubs for VIPs. It’s almost impossible to find it: no signs, no advertisements. To reserve a table you need a passwords and the recommendations of the clubmates.

Top-5 of USA closed clubs

1. Club 33, Disneyland

Come in if you can 02

Elegant restaurant in California for business meetings and leisure. To get in and join the elite without a special invitation card it’s almost unreal. The amount of dues is fabulous - from 25 000 dollars. Booking for 14 years ahead. Only 500 people have the club cards allowing dinner on any day without an appointment.

2. Sidecar, Washington, D.C.

Come in if you can 03

Restaurant of era of "Prohibition" in the United States. Private club for businessmen and politicians. In the subdued light the business conversations are conducted. Only the walls can hear it...
Since January of this year, the restaurant moved to the "best friends only" mode. Now even more difficult to come into it.

3. Safe House, Milwaukee, WI

Come in if you can 04

Pass only by password. There are no signs or other markings. A true paradise for the "spies".



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