Conor McGregor: Everyone wants to be me (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

Sep 26, 2018

Conor McGregor: Everyone wants to be me (VIDEO)


As the media reported recently, Conor MacGregor spent $ 27,000 in a Dolce & Gabbana store in Los Angeles. And then he did what he always does when he spends somewhere around $ 27,000 - went to drink coffee to give the store staff time to pack everything.

Conor drank his coffee, and then the employees of the store began to call him, once, twice. Bewildered by the scale of the purchased, the sellers continued to find in the heap of goods every little thing they forgot to count: a pair of shoes, a handkerchief - and cowardly called, asking permission to use the McGregor card again.

To which they received a quite adequate reaction from the athlete:

"I just motherfucking spent 27 thousands, the eighth time since last week. What, you can’t just throw a handkerchief in the package? Really?"

He doesn’t need a freebie, insists McGregor. Only Respect. And he deserved it with his fights - blood and sweat!

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