Dentistry in the past - shocking pics - didn't people feel pain?

by Noa Cantu

Aug 22, 2018

Dentistry in the past - shocking pics - didn t people feel pain?


It's difficult to deny the fact that a dentist is one of those doctors with whom you most don't want to go to a meeting. And it's difficult to say why - because thanks to the development of modern medicine, all procedures are painless and comfortable for the patient. However, the subconscious fear of interference in our mouth causes the most terrible images and makes avoiding a trip to this specialist with a double force. And imagine how our ancestors felt when the dentist's office and torture chamber looked almost the same!

As you can see in this photo, in antiquity (let's name the times of this picture exactly so) dentists often worked in pairs. While one calmed the patient stroking the head, the second selflessly tried to pull out his tooth. With all possible ways. Only one question remains unresolved - where exactly does he puts his foot?

It is difficult to say, but it seems to us that there is a rare case of violent dentistry in this picture. Apparently, the patient is clearly against such methods, while an assistant specialist threatening the male dignity of the client tries to control the operation process. Very difficult times. Very much.

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