Stars before they were famous. Who would have thought? (VIDEO)

by Noa Cantu

Jul 14, 2018

Stars before they were famous. Who would have thought? (VIDEO)


If you like an actor or an actress, then you probably reviewed a lot of films with their participation. However, even dedicated fans didn’t always see the very first roles of their idols.

Many celebrities began their journey in cinema by children. When you see these shots, you want to be touched and say: "Oh God, what a cutie!"

Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood/

One of the first roles of this actor was this small episode in the second part of "Back to the future". Yes, put it on pause and see it properly!

In his childhood, Elijah took piano lessons in his hometown. He was a very energetic child, so he was often called Spark Plug, and also "Monkey," because he loved to climb everywhere. When Elijah started acting, his family moved from Iowa to Los Angeles. In 1996, his parents divorced. For a long time Elijah lived in Los Angeles and later in New York.

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