Dylan Minnette receiving threats from crazed fans

by Hati Lua

Apr 16, 2018

Dylan Minnette receiving threats from crazed fans


The series "13 reasons Why" from Netflix, which was released on March 31, has already become not only the most successful channel project, but also to have a huge army of fans.

According to the story, Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette, receives a collection of audio cassettes from his girlfriend Hannah Baker (actress Katherine Langford). And all would be nothing if the girl didn’t commit suicide. On old stereo cassettes, he discovers Hannah's confession, namely 13 reasons why she didn’t want to live.

And although the series is based on the story of Jay Asher, and all events and characters are fictional, this story touched everyone. Perhaps, so deeply the problems of modern adolescents were designated for the first time, and a sad story was revealed from the inside. Goose bumps, because Hannah Baker has something from each of us.

But, apparently, someone touched this story particularly deeply. Not so long ago, Dylan Minnette, who played the main male role in the series, received a strange and frightening surprise from the fan. The unknown man brought out an inscription on the back window of the car:

"Sorry for Hannah."


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