Emmanuel Yarbrough - MMA's heaviest ever fighter (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

Sep 26, 2018

Emmanuel Yarbrough - MMA s heaviest ever fighter (VIDEO)


September 9, 1994, the octagon shuddered at the footsteps of the heaviest athlete ever stepped there. It was a time of opposing styles. The time when the boys in the yards were arguing who is stronger - a boxer or a karate player, while in the UFC these issues were decided directly in battle.

The cage included a fighter, and the octagon-girls raised a plate with his style of martial arts, and in September 1994, the plate "Sumo" was raised after the enter of Emmanuel Yarbrough into the octagon. When Emmanuel Yarbrough, nicknamed "Tiny" is called the heaviest athlete in the world, it's not just words. Such a fighter as Emmanuel Yarborough you won’t see anywhere else. He was sick with obesity.

With a growth of 2 meters and a weight of 320 kilograms, he was considered the greatest athlete in the history of sports. With a sumo, judo, and American football experience behind him, a black athlete decided to make his debut in MMA. In September 1994, he performed at the UFC 3 tournament, where he fought against an opponent who is 180 kg lighter than him. He couldn’t win this fight, but he broke his opponent's tights and knocked out the arena’s door with him. Until now, this fight is considered a true MMA classic.

Emmanuel Yarbrough became the author of a unique stifling technique called ‘smother’. In April 1998, at one of Shooto's tournaments, he fought against Japanese fighter Tatsuo Nakano. Yarbrough forced the enemy to surrender... falling on him with all the weight. Submission was called "smother".

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