Evgeny "El Ruso Mexicano" Gradovich to return to best form (VIDEO)

by Hati Lua

May 29, 2017

Evgeny  El Ruso Mexicano  Gradovich to return to best form (VIDEO)


On May 5 in Yekaterinburg (Russia) the former world featherweight champion according to the IBF version, Eugene Gradovich, held another match.

Rival for a 30-year-old Russian in the 20-round battle for the WBA Inter-Continental title in the first featherweight was his Colombian peer Hugo Berrio.

After the fight, Eugene Gradovich answered several questions from MMAboxing about his plans for the future:

- What are your goals now? What are your plans?

- Next, I would like to fight for a real title, although it’s possible to hold the defense of these titles, it all depends on the promoter. I'm ready for everything, I love boxing and I want to box, the title is very important, but intermediate fights are also needed.

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