Famous fighter couples

by Noa Cantu

Jun 13, 2018

Famous fighter couples


When they go out into the arena and look into the eyes of their opponents, they seem to be the most dangerous people that you can imagine. However, fights - is only part of the lives of those who prefer to earn for living with physical force. In other things MMA fighters are no different from us - they have the same emotions, including love. Meet - the most famous pair of MMA!

Bryan Caraway & Miesha Theresa Tate

Bryan Caraway & Miesha Theresa Tate/fabwags.com

Bryan Caraway/foxsports.com

Miesha Theresa Tate/sportal.co.nz

Miesha Tate was born in Tacoma, Washington. She studied in the school section of the fight, in the group of boys. In 2005, she won the Women's State Championship school level. Then she won the state-level championship in the weight category 71 kg. After that, she began to attend classes on mixed martial arts club at Central Washington University. She acts under the auspices of the UFC. With her boyfriend - top fighter lightest division UFC she met while studying at university. For more piquancy relationship makes the fact that Caraway is the head coach of Miesha, and she, in turn, is always her lover's second.



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