Famous girls, that you never thought can kick your butt!

by Sick Nick

Aug 8, 2018

Famous girls, that you never thought can kick your butt!


We used to think about this ladies in one way - for the most of us they are known in one or two ways only. Like models, movie stars, celebrities etc. But they do have secret. A skeleton in a wardrobe. Or we better say a pair of boxing gloves in garderobe? Yeah! Girls that we will talk about below have two common things. The first is their breathtaking sexuality and second - they all practising boxing or some kind of martial arts. So they can kick your ass. For whom are we talking about?

Let`s see...

Adriana Lima

Ready to go! Adriana Lima shows off her very muscular stomach in sports bra as she takes in boxing session. Lima jumps with the rope, hits the bag .Boxing is the only type of physical activity that 35-year-old Lima, a mother of two children, uses to keep herself in shape and stay successful as model. She also named Manny Pacquiao as her favorite fighter. Dangerous girl

Lima hits the bag/moejackson.com

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