Famous MMA fighters before they were famous

by Kate Miller

Aug 30, 2018

Famous MMA fighters before they were famous


From the plumbing to the richest fighter of MMA, from the photomodel to the stars of the ring, as well as guards, actors and football players - this is not a fairy tale, but the past of the famous MMA fighters.

Conor McGregor - plumber

Conor McGregor/fansided.com

Conor's father insisted that his son receive the profession of plumbing, because he himself was a boxer and didn’t achieve professional success in this field. Having worked as a plumber, Conor McGregor quit this business and began to train with a double force.

"I haven’t seen anyone in a more or less acceptable sport form," Conor says. "I thought that I could train twice a day and concentrate on my diet if I weren’t burdened with this work. It is very difficult to train and observe the normal regime of the day, if you work 10-12 hours a day."

Conor Jr. quarreled with his parents - they didn’t believe in him and his napoleonic plans for the career of the athlete. The only ones who supported Conor at the time was the coach, John Cavana, and the girl, now a spouse - Dee Devlin.

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