Farewell, princess Leia: friends and colleagues about Carrie Fisher

by Noa Cantu

May 13, 2018

Farewell, princess Leia: friends and colleagues about Carrie Fisher


The evening of December 27, it became known about the death of the star of "Star Wars" - actress Carrie Fisher. She became popular for her role as Princess Leia Organa in the above kinosage. She played in the IV, V, VI and released a year ago VII episode.

We will see Leia on the screens, as shortly before her death, Carrie Fisher finished shooting in the VIII part of the franchise. The actress was in the hospital after the incident with her heart attack, which happened during a flight in an airplane. Fisher was connected to an artificial life-support, but her condition has not returned to normal. "Princess" was 60 years old. Colleagues on the set of the film that made her famous, could not fail to respond to this event and shared their experiences with the army of fans of the actress.

We add that the day after the death of "Princess Leia" on 85th year of life her mother died - a famous Hollywood actress and singer Debbie Reynolds.

George Lucas (creator of Star Wars)

Carrie Fisher_1

Director of space saga said that they were friends with the actress most of their adult life. According to him, she was an incredibly intelligent and able to realize herself not only as an actress but also as a writer and comedian with a very strong personality. Only she could play Leia, as she was endlessly energetic, wise and full of hope in the role that was much more difficult than it may seem to the viewer. "We will all miss her very much», - Lucas said.



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