Fedor: I'm not a killer but I want to win (VIDEO)

by Mary Trant

Jun 22, 2017

Fedor: I m not a killer but I want to win (VIDEO)


Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko visited the sports hall in Brooklyn, where children are engaged in martial arts, and answered questions from journalists.

Fedor gladly agreed to visit young athletes, but unfortunately, he couldn’t work with them because of the strict prohibition of his Dutch coach.



Question: Didn’t you have an idea to open your MMA school in New York? Many residents would be happy.

Fedor: Yes? Honestly, I never thought about it.

Question: Many know you as an icon of martial arts. Formulate the three main secrets of success in the MMA.

Fedor: Diligence, perseverance and love for the motherland.

Question: Is there a future for MMA?

Fedor: Of course. Whether it enters the Olympic program or not - this is not a question for me. But MMA has a future: fighters are becoming more versatile and diverse in their skills.

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