Fedor's telephone interview before the huge PPV fight in NYC (VIDEO)

by Mary Trant

Jun 21, 2017

Fedor s telephone interview before the huge PPV fight in NYC (VIDEO)


Fedor Emelianenko held a telephone press conference and answered questions from journalists about plans for the future, after the long-awaited battle with Matt Mitrione on June 24.


Question about the offer of Chael Sonnen to hold the battle:

"We're in different weight classes. If it doesn’t matter to him, then after a fight with Mitrione, we'll discuss it."

The question of the features of the new preparation for the fight with Matt Mitrione:

"This time the preparation was held in Holland. If to the last battle I was preparing in Russia, now more in Holland, with the Dutch coaches. Sparring partners tried to copy the style of Matt Mitrione. This time the injuries didn’t bother me, so the preparation was better than to the last battle."

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