Five canceled Conor McGregor fights

by Noa Cantu

Aug 20, 2018

Five canceled Conor McGregor fights


The UFC leadership definitely appreciates Conor McGregor for his professionalism, sense of responsibility and for the fact that even though he is sick or injured, he is always ready to fight. However, in the career of the Irishman, there were cases when the meetings still had to be canceled. Who's to blame for this? Let's find out.

Conor McGregor vs Andy Ogle

Started a career with a canceled fight/

Two lovers of tattoos do not belong in the octagon/

After his debut at the UFC and victory in the first fight, the promotion leadership organized for Conor McGregor a meeting with the little-known athlete Andy Ogle. The reason why the fight never happened was the most banal - just before the meeting Andy was injured and couldn't perform in this fight. They had to look for an urgent replacement, so that evening, Conor McGregor fought against Max Holloway. After the match, the Irishman admitted that he didn't care who to fight with, so he wasn't surprised by the substitution.

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