Five reasons to respect Dana White that you didn't know about

by Noa Cantu

Sep 3, 2018

Five reasons to respect Dana White that you didn t know about


Dana White is the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world's largest MMA organization. Many who have dealt with him speak of his bad character, and also argue that Dana White is simply crazy about money. However, today we will tell you why, in fact, Dana deserved such great respect.

Buying of UFC

Permanent leader/

The first reason why Dana White is undeniably worthy of respect is his direct participation in the life of the UFC. Moreover, without him, most likely, the promotion simply wouldn't exist. Working as a manager, White learned that Semaphore Entertainment Group, the parent company of the UFC, is looking for a buyer of the promotion. Dana contacted a childhood friend, Lorenzo Fertitt, the manager of Station Casinos and a former commissioner for the Nevada Athletic Commission. A month later, Lorenzo Fertitt and his older brother Frank owned the UFC, appointing Dana White as president of the company. Currently, he owns 9% of the company Zuffa, established as a parent company for the UFC. So without perseverance White promotion would most likely not exist.

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