Floyd Mayweather officially confirms his return for McGregor (VIDEO)

by Markus Diedrich

Mar 12, 2017

Floyd Mayweather officially confirms his return for McGregor (VIDEO)


More than half a year the world of boxing and MMA is discussing the news about a possible boxing match between MMA champion Conor McGregor and the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather.

There was a lot of noise around this event. Each of the athletes managed to say a lot of bites to his opponent.

Apparently, Mayweather has no patience anymore, and he issued a statement that leaves no doubt - he is ready to enter the ring against the Irish star of MMA:

"I don't want to hear no more excuses about the money, about the UFC. Sign the paper with the UFC so you can fight me in June. Simple and plain. Let's fight in June. You're the B side, I'm the A side. We're not here to cry about money. I'm tired of all this crying about money and talking about you want to fight. You blowing smoke up everybody's ass. If you want to fight, sign the paperwork, let's do it."

"Today, I'm officially out of retirement for Conor McGregor. We don't need to waste no time. We need to make this s**t happen quickly. Let's get it on in June."

At the end of 2016, Conor McGregor received a boxing license in the state of California (USA). In the web there are several videos on which Conor demonstrates boxing training and sparring:

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